Museums Statistics

In December 2013, the National Institute for Museum and Public Collections launched Museum Statistics' project. Its aim has been to create a database, which provides comprehensive and systematic information about the state of Polish museum sector. During the first year of our activities, we invited over 700 museums from all over the country, regardless of their legal status, to take part in a pilot project. From the very beginning in 2014, evaluation is conducted through online questionnaire, which can be found on our website:

However, the Museum Statistics project is a long term measure, which takes into consideration annual updating of information regarding museums activities and programmes. Collected data is used to provide recommendations for modernization of museums and guidelines for museums' management. We closely cooperate with Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) and we are also part of European Group of Museum Statistics (EGMUS).

For more information on museum statistics please contact Katarzyna Żmijewska at kzmijewska(at)

Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS)

The European Group on Museum Statistics (EGMUS)

Museum Statistics Reports available in Publications section

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