Lost antiquities

The National Institute for Museums and Public Collections collects information concerning the losses incurred by museums as a result of crime and fire. Risk analyses are carried out and statistical data concerning crime against the national heritage is compiled. Based on this data, the Institute’s specialists on protection methods and techniques can work on new solutions to improve the protection and security of museums and antiquities. Institute’s employees also carry out systematic searches for antiquities lost as a result of crime. In the event of suspicious objects being discovered, the law enforcement services are notified in order to take over the management of the case.

Based on the authorisation of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the National Register of Stolen or Illegally Exported Objects of Historical Value is kept. Cooperation with the Police, Border Authorities and Customs Service is maintained on a day-to-day basis. Every year, we publish reports on cultural heritage crimes prepared by these government agencies . Training programmes are devised and common preventative measures are taken to suit the needs of these services.

For more information contact Monika Barwik at mbarwik@nimoz.pl and Krystyna Ogrodzka at kogrodzka@nimoz.pl

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