Centre of Excellence for Digitisation in Museums


NIMOZ supports the digitisation process in Polish museums and in 2013 a Centre of Excellence for Digitisation in Museums was established. So far we worked under the framework of the long-term government programme Kultura +. Our core activity includes: promoting technological change in the process of digitising museum collections, training and promotion activities, coordinating work on the acquisition, storage and provision of access to digital museum collections. We publish catalogues of best practices for the digitisation of museum collections, organise training courses, and coordinate work on transforming analogue data about museum collections to digital format. One of the key aims of our activities is to define standards for digitisation. These tasks are carried out in collaboration with museum professionals and representatives from the sciences specialised in the digitisation of cultural heritage.

We are also preparing a new project, to be funded by EU structural funds, planned for 2016-2018. Its objectives include: an online platform, which will provide an access to Polish museums collections, a central repository for storing acquired data and a management programme for museum collection applicable to all museums in the country. Development of the management programme of museum collection- will result in the museum database system, in which unified standards of description and data exchange formats as well as vocabulary applications will be introduced.

We are also engaged in translation of AAT and ICONCLASS dictionaries into Polish in order to enable the exchange of data as well as we are finalising implementation of Spectrum- the British collection management standard, to Polish conditions along with the Polish version of data exchange standard Lido.

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