European Museum Forum (EMF) operates under the auspices of the Council of Europe and is involved in far-ranging activities throughout the cultural field. It is one of the leading organizations in Europe for developing the public quality of European museums and has established this primary position after more than 35 years of providing its service.

The mission of EMF is the following:
• Promoting the role of museums for the European society.
• Recognising the primary importance of the visitors to museums.
• Exploring the social and economic influence of museums.

EMF also organises the annual European Museum of the Year Award for newly-opened or refurbished museums.
National Institute for Museums and Public Collection established its cooperation with EMF in 2014. The Institute’s representative acts as the national correspondent for EMYA award scheme in Poland.
To learn more about European Museum Forum visit the EMF website at http://europeanforum.museum/



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