12 Lis 2020

NEMO publishes Covid-19 follow-up survey

By participating in the survey, you support your European museum colleagues by helping NEMO determine which policies and measures should be put forward at European level.

In these challenging times, it is important the museums in Europe unite and speak with one united voice to the European Union.

Six months after its first study on the impact of Covid-19 on the European museum sector, NEMO (the Network of European Museum Organisations) has published a follow-up survey. It is time map the status quo and check in with the museums on how they deal with the issues that emerged during the pandemic. 

The second Covid study of NEMO will present an in-depth evaluation of: 

  • Income losses, its consequences and mitigation,  
  • Development of digital museum offers,  
  • Questions related to a “new normal”, including the re-assessment of museum priorities and success criteria, 
  • Staff and visitor safety during the pandemic

Link to the survey: bit.ly/MuseumCorona2  

Please complete it by Sunday 29 November 2020.


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