08 Sty 2021

Call for participation: German-Polish Museum Dialogue Focus 2021: Audience Development

Uwaga – termin naboru przedłużony do 11.01.2021 r. Zapraszamy do udziału.

Pierwszy warsztat odbędzie się 11.02.2021 r., drugi 11.03.2021, kolejne terminy bez zmian.


The National Institute for Museums and Public Collections and the German Museums Association invite museum professionals of all specializations to take part in the new collaboration and exchange project “German-Polish Museum Dialogue”.

Project goals

The project consists of three main goals:

  • To open a structured dialogue between museum professionals in both countries
  • To exchange knowledge between them
  • To develop project ideas together that can be implemented in museums on both sides

By participating in the program, you will establish new relationships, collaborations and discussion topics. Inspired by the theoretical parts of the workshops, you will come up with specific solutions that can be implemented in your own institution. The project is meant as a collaboration and creativity platform. You will be provided with tools, expertise and coaching that will empower you to develop your concept for an international collaboration project.

Key topics

The main subject of the project 2021 is audience development.

Departing from the observation of the Polish and German museum landscapes and their specificities, then moving to a discussion about the museums during the COVID-19 pandemic and education issues we will deepen our understanding of audience development.

Target audience

We would like to invite all museum employees and experts, directors, curators, communication specialists and educators to participate.

Main questions

  • How can you collaborate with colleagues from Poland/Germany to reach more people (online and offline) for your institution?
  • How can museums address a broader public on an international scale?
  • What project ideas could you come up with for international collaborations?
  • What can museums experts from Poland and Germany learn from each other? E.g. in the times of the pandemic.

The project

Polish and German museum experts meet rarely and do not have an established proper platform for exchange of ideas and solutions as well as the conception of new projects. Although the countries are neighbors and share common history the collaboration in the museum field is yet to be developed.

On that account, the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections and the German Museum Association invite 15 participants from Germany and 15 participants from Poland to participate in a cultural and knowledge-based exchange. The participants will be invited to take part in 4 online workshops, to work together during and in between online sessions in order to prepare concepts for international projects. You will be accompanied by a group of experts during the meetings as well as in between them.

This project is aimed at creating a space for brainstorming and collaboration. You will not be required to implement your project in your institution, but rather develop a realizable project concept. You will present the result of your work in a two-day session, which depending on the pandemic situation will take place live or online. The project language is English.

The program

We invite you to participate in four 3 hour long online sessions on:

  • 14.01.21 on the subject of Museums Landscapes in Germany and Poland
  • 11.02.21 on the subject of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • 15.04.21 on the subject of Education
  • 10.06.21 on the subject of Audience development

Each session will start with a short lecture that will be followed by a moderated discussion and a workshop, at which the participants will actively take part by brainstorming as well as discussing the development of their project idea. The participants will be offered individual coaching sessions in between the meetings.

The results of the yearlong collaboration will be presented in a two-day session on

  • 2-3.09.2021 (live meeting depending on the pandemic situation)

What we offer

Participation in the project is free. We offer you 4 online workshops and two offline sessions (depending on the pandemic situation) and provide you with individual coaching in between the meetings to help you network, connect and develop your inputs into a structured project concept.

What you bring

We ask you to come with motivation and your ideas and to commit to taking part actively in all the sessions to work on your audience development project. This means you will need a functioning camera and a microphone as well as a good Internet connection to be able to actively communicate with trainers and experts as well as with other participants. Please note that the working language is English. In total the project will require 6 days + project preparation time which amounts to ca. 10 days in one year. Please ensure that your institution supports your application.

The Application

Interested candidates from Poland should apply via email to abudzalek@nimoz.pl  

Interested candidates from Germany should apply on museumsbund.de/dpmd

Please submit:

  1. a short statement of interest
  2. a personal presentation
  3. an idea for a German-Polish project on the subject of audience development
  4. an acceptance letter from your institution, signed by your supervisor, deputy director or director.

With your application you agree that the organizers (NIMOZ, GMA) process your personal data for the purpose of the project. After the application process, these personal data of the chosen candidates will be shared with other participants.

Please submit your application by the 15.12.2020. The participants will be chosen based on the project’s outline and its potential for collaboration. We will contact you by the end of the year.

Should you have any questions concerning the project and the application process, do not hesitate to contact the project coordinators: for Poland Aneta Budzałek (abudzalek@nimoz.pl) and for Germany Jakub Stańczyk (stanczyk@museumsbund.de).

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Szczegółowe informacje - https://nimoz.pl/dzialalnosc/wspolpraca-miedzynarodowa/projekty-wspolpracy-miedzynarodowej

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