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NIMOZ and European Museum Academy (EMA) signed an agreement of cooperation in 2014 with the aim to develop common projects fostering opportunities for the European museum sector. This agreement is part of the realization of our international cooperation policy adopted in 2013.

The European Museum Academy is a foundation based in The Hague, the Netherlands and represented in more than 30 European countries. The aims of EMA are to preserve the legacy of Kenneth Hudson and to disseminate the values and the pioneering intuitions and views of his museological thinking among the new generations of museum professionals as well as cultural professionals active on a European scale. The EMA Foundation is engaged in developing researches in the field of museum innovation, stimulating new ideas and experiences and offering its services as an incubator for new talents and new programs in order to improve the quality of museum services and of the museological discourse at the European level.

For more information on European Museum Academy and its activities please, visit

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